more productive

Well, today was a lot more productive than any days for the last several have been. There’s still a lot to do, but I got a pile of stuff done, so I feel a little better. And it’s 4pm and I’ve been at work for 8.5 hours so I’m stopping now.

My legs may be too embarrassingly hairy for me to go swimming tonight. Hm.

bfe: mac & cheese (how very guy of me), milk. brownie batter. cut my tongue on the beater. ow.

3 thoughts on “more productive

  1. Catie, Catie, Catie….

    How many times must I tell you? Turn the mixer OFF before you lick the blades!

  2. *LAUGH* I did! I did! Honest, I did! But the darned beaters have gotten nicks in them, so I cut my tongue. Ow!

  3. And so you see the just punishment that comes to those who say “I must lose weight!” and then lick the beaters!

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