more rivendell!

Jai called up around 5 this evening and asked if I wanted to go for a walk, despite us having walking plans for tomorrow morning, because it is beeeeooooooooteeful out, and so I said sure! So she came over and we went for a 4 mile walk, which didn’t /technically/ go faster than usual (although it may have by as much as about 6 or 7 minutes, judging from the clock I looked at on the way out and when we came back in), but it /seemed/ much faster than usual. V. enjoyable. I now have less than 400 miles to go, to reach Rivendell! 398.5 miles to go!

Tomorrow, will arrive at Farmer Maggoty’s, and steal some carrots! Or not, because am not all that fond of carrots. Have not seen Sean As Samwise Gamgee on trail, either. Suspect must pick up pace. If lucky, will at least catch him at Rivendell itself. Perhaps should speak with hegemony about detaining him once he arrives….

Miles to Rivendell:
Catie: 59.5
Jai: 44.1
Heather: 37
Dave: 95.5

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