more webcomic ruminations

I have finished the flat colors for ALL FOUR panels of my little webcomic page.

It’s been very slow going, all learning curve, because, well, I’ve never done it before. If I do more than this, of course, it’ll go faster, because I won’t be spending–for example–4 hours trying to learn to do…whatever it was I spent 4 hours trying to learn last week…or 90 minutes last night and another hour tonight trying, until I went back and tried the thing I’d tried in the first place yesterday and it hadn’t worked and this time it did for some reason. Presumably that won’t happen again (although god alone knows, so it might).

Since at this rate it’s going to take me a month to do one page, I shall downgrade my imaginary page rate to no more than one a week, assuming I keep trying. I…think I might. I need a hobby that isn’t writing, and it’s better for me to be trying to draw than staring miserably at the world burning down via Twitter or FB.

I am stuck with the fact that the thing that’s been making me think for years that I could/should try doing a webcomic was not as good, at its start, as this page is (not that this page is very good, but.), and…I don’t know what to make of that. In a way I wish it was as bad as my inspiration. I mean it’s NOT GOOD. But it’s…I either have too much ambition (well i mean have you met me) or…I don’t know. No ability to start at the very baseline, except I guess this is my very baseline. But I’ve always thought I’m just good enough of an artist to know how good I’m not, and that probably if I practiced a great deal I’d actually be quite good. I think doing this page is making me feel both sides of that VERY STRONGLY. It’s not particularly comfortable. Probably that’s good for me.

Yeah. Anyway. IDK. I should probably go to bed now, rather than ruminate on…anything else. :)