more with the words

Sorry for the astoundingly dull updates the last few days. My life has become all about the wordcount.

Today’s the last day of 50K in 30 days. I’ve written 60,330 words on a single project since January 23rd. The sort of weird thing is that’s only an average of 2000 words a day, which doesn’t seem like /that/ much. Then again, I’ve written 25,000 of those words in the last five days. Imagine if I did that every day!

Okay, to do that every day I’d have to not have a day job. :)

I’ve also reached the 20% mark of my yearly writing goal, which really blows me away. I was, by the end of February, supposed to have 65K written. I anticipate, at this juncture, that I’ll have something closer to 95K. That’s more than thirty percent ahead. Wow.

50K in 30 days: 60,332
ytd wordcount: 81,420

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