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I’ve been talking with a woman who gave me a nice review (I can’t even tell you where; the URL is in my old email box on the other computer), and her husband is having brain surgery today. Think good thoughts for them, if you’ve got a few to spare.

Ted could not, for the life of him, get his wireless working last night. There was supposed to be a switch somewhere to activate it, and we couldn’t find the switch and we couldn’t find any information on the damned net about where the switch was; all the net would tell us was turn the switch on. Eventually, in despair, we went to CompUSA and asked them where the damned switch was.

It took the guy about thirty seconds to find it, right there on the front of the computer, with a little wireless graphic next to it and everything. Ted was sort of stuck between laughing and crying about it all. :)

It reminded me of when I worked at Providence Hospital, where, inside of a matter of days, it became pretty clear I was the computer guru in the office I was working in. Well, yes, ok, that was true, but I was used to working with Macs, and these were PCs, and my guruhood sort of went right to hell when I could not for the life of me figure out how to eject a disk. There was no open-apple-E, dragging the disk icon to the trash didn’t work, and I struggled and struggled to figure it out…until eventually I noticed the little button next to the disk drive that I could push to eject the disk. *blush* :)

There’s been something I’ve been meaning to say on my journal for days, and every time I sit down to write in it I forget what it is. *squinty face* Oh well. Not much to be done about that, I guess.

(Oh. I’ve remembered. It snowed on Sunday. We left the apartment and were out for about twenty minutes, and I said, “Well, I’m ready for winter to be over!” Ted and I thought that was very VERY funny. *laugh*)


  1. Kirby

    I had just the opposite experience. Being used to PCs, I was using a PowerMac at a college lab. And, after saving my file, I pushed the round button sticking out, right under the disk drive, to eject my disk.

    That’s the _power_ button. Thankfully, by definition, I’d just saved.

    I was horribly chagrined, until I noticed how many people did that. Really awful design by Macintosh, there. I noticed that they moved the power button in subsequent models.

  2. Your story about the power switch reminds me of the kind of stories my hubby has been bringing home from work since we’ve been married. His main job has been troubleshooting–finding out what’s wrong with the electronics and fixing it. The funniest tale he has to tell is the one about the room of engineers dragging out their calculators, pounding on their keyboards, trying to figure out why the machine wouldn’t work. Paul, who is much more practical than esoteric, checked the simple stuff first. He plugged it in. ;)

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