morning rituals

I’ve determined that sitting down to read my various web comics and journals and handful of news sites in the morning actually only takes about 30 minutes, even if I read everything links to and all his comments. Why, then, am I usually at the computer for over an hour in the morning?

*turns the damned thing off and goes to work*

eta: *returns, 3 minutes later, swearing, to turn the computer back on and get the files I need off it*


  1. goth_huntress

    Oh, I love booting up and then forgetting to do what I was there for. My favorite is booting up to print something, and then remembering that as soon as I shut it all down again.

  2. anonymous

    I used to do the same thing, making a tour of the web every morning at work. It was a wonderful way to waste the morning and build a completely unproductive mind-set.

    Now I do work first, and put my web tour off until later in the day. It really has helped me get more done, at work and on the web. :)

    — Robert, ex-Evan

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