Well. That was remarkably painless.

We went to sign mortgage paperwork. It took less than half an hour. All, evidently, is well with the world. Then we went and had lunch at someplace with Croissaint in the name, and it was really really yummy.

And, um, let’s see. *LAUGH* I just heard Lucy’s really pathetic mewing. Mew? Meew? Meowl. Mewl. And I looked around for her, and it kind of sounded like she was behind Ted’s desk. Mewl. Mewr? Mowl. And so I leaned over and pulled open the drawer that Ted had just had open, and Lucy crept out looking very VERY unhappy and pathetic. :)

1 thought on “mortgage

  1. Daniel wastes no time getting into any open drawer or cupboard, and then he stays there happily, out of sight, until the exit is no longer, and then he waits for 3 or 4 minutes before he decides he really wanted to be on the *other* side of the barrier. Then he mews. And, he says the same thing that Lucy said! It must be bobtail for “Let me out, please. Please? Help!”

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