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Having watched The Da Vinci Code, I now understand why people keep saying THE CARDINAL RULE is like it. It is. Sort of. In that they both have secret societies and the Catholic church has some involvement with those societies. I thought several times during the movie, “Sure, if I were writing this story instead of Dan Brown, I might have written the Strongbox Chronicles instead of this,” which probably doesn’t make much sense, but it’s kind of the only way I can describe it.

Anyway, I liked the movie just fine, especially the last scene, which I thought was really nicely filmed. It should be fairly clear I haven’t read the book, so one twist surprised me and one didn’t, which seemed fair, and while it wasn’t the best movie I’ve seen this year (or even this month) it was worth the five euro to get in the door. Jean Reno, Sir Ian, and Paul Bettany (the latter of whom spends an inordinant amount of time naked in movies, have you noticed?). How can you go completely wrong with that holy trinity?

X3 has preview showings playing on the 25th. I know where I’ll be at 2pm next Thursday. (Preparing to weep and rend my hair and beat my breast, no doubt.)

Ted and I’ve watched, let’s see. Sneakers, which is still a fun movie, and hasn’t aged too badly (except the computers themselves, which looked pretty stone age, ten years after the fact), Sky High, which is cute enough that I might have to own it (although possibly the best bit was in the about-the-filming featurette, in which they admitted that the sidekicks, bullies and heroes all hung out in their own cliques even when not filming; I thought that was pretty funny), and this evening, Final Fantasy VII: Advent Children, which would’ve been better if it hadn’t kept pausing for video game style battle scenes. Possibly I’m not the target audience. :)

I have to go to bed so we can get up and go to Dublin in the morning. I was thinking I needed to wear a couple layers because it’s very likely to rain at the concert, so I wanted to stay warm, and I thought maybe I’d wear my Batman babydoll over another shirt, and then I realized what I *really* needed was a *Superman* babydoll (because Jon Bon Jovi is a Superman fan, you see; he’s got the symbol tattooed on his arm), but I don’t have one. Now, if I lived in Anchorage, I’d know where to go to get one, but I have no idea where to go in Dublin. Bother. Oh well.

Speaking of Superman, I’ve never even seen the original movies, and have no emotional attachment at all, so why did the trailer today raise hairs on my arms, hm? Tom Welling’s cuter than Brandon Routh, though.

Yeah. Bed now. G’night.

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  1. My jealousy knows no bounds! I have *so* got to get a job where I can go to the movies in the middle of the day! And, depending on the film, even call it a job-related expense!!

    Not as good as the HIV prevention gig where porn sites and sex clubs counted as work-related research, but lots more intellectually stimulating.

  2. I saw previews for Advent Children at Gencon SoCal last year. It looks gorgeous.

  3. I actually have hopes that the movie will be better than the book of Da Vinci Code, because I think Dan Brown’s got a gift for story ideas and pacing, but has all the writing technique of a 14 month old badger.

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