mostly thinks

Consensus on the comments suggests my doppleganger looks more like me than I do. Crap! Which one am I? I may be having an identity crisis!

Tomorrow we get on a plane and fly to NYC, where we will have dinner with my Luna editor, sleep the sleep of the just, stop by my agent’s office to drop off contracts, have lunch with my Del Rey editor, go to Long Island for I-CON, presumably not sleep nearly enough all weekend, come back into NYC on Monday to do a little shopping, then fly home again.

In the midst of this I will try to write 10,000 words (on trains and planes; I imagine there’s not a chance of doing any writing during the con itself) and read Jeri Smith-Ready‘s EYES OF THE CROW, which is out from Luna Books in November and which I am *really* looking forward to reading. It’s going to be a very busy five days.

Thinks to do/have done today:

update kitsnaps
find business cards (augh)
– pack
clean/pack kitchen
change sheets
empty garbages
change kitty litter :p
– vaccum
– get on train
– write

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  1. heehee, i thought she looks more like you than you do (in that picture, anyway) too. :) how weird.

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