Moving 2018: The Induction Conundrum

So Monday night (we have no internet access and won’t for another week, if we’re lucky; if we’re not lucky, it’ll be longer) I set forth to Make Dinner in the new house.

Except the stove wouldn’t work. Which was to say, it was obviously turning on and stuff, but not heating up. And that was how we discovered induction cook tops require pots with a certain iron content, which ours lacked.

Tuesday, Indy and I marched all over hell and breakfast looking at induction-compatible cookware, much of which was Shockingly Expensive, and finally (after asking Ted if I should go ahead or if he wanted to weigh in on the New Cookware; he said, “Get what you want. I’m a professional chef. I can make do.” :)) we got new pots and a small frying pan, because if I waited for Ted’s opinion I wouldn’t be able to cook until at least the weekend. @.@

SO THAT WAS AN EXCITING AND UNEXPECTED MOVING EXPENSE, so I shall mention here the fast & loose fundraiser I’m doing to cover expenses that have spiraled unexpectedly: donors at any amount will get a fairy tale novel set in the same world as ROSES IN AMBER. Eventually. :)

We moved the first half of our stuff a week ago. It feels like we’ve been unpacking For.Ev.Er. I am done with it. TOTALLY DONE. Unfortunately, we still have I don’t even know how many boxes left AT THE OLD HOUSE and I don’t know, well over 70 at the new house to unpack. I don’t know where to put it all. I don’t know where we’d put it all at the old house!

First we will deal with what’s in the house. There are, IDK, 20 boxes IN OUR ROOM. (They’re kind of small boxes, all things considered, but still.) We have to deal with those, which will almost certainly not happen until next weekend, except that’s Indy’s birthday weekend, so possibly not even really then. A lot of it may get donated to charity, because a lot of it is (*sigh*) Clothes That Don’t Fit. But it still needs to be Gone Through.

(I am at the old house now, cleaning. It’s not as bad as it could have been, mostly because Dad came out and helped. Otherwise I would be here until the end of time.)

2 thoughts on “Moving 2018: The Induction Conundrum

  1. The prospect of moving inclines my brain toward catatonia. 90% of what we have to haul is books, and they are, at least, fairly easy to pack, although the boxes tend to weigh a great deal compared to, say, linens.

    Carol says we should sell a good portion of them, but any used bookstore that saw us coming would lock and bolt their doors. Besides…

    “I have lost all sense of home, having moved about so much. It means to me now―only that place where the books are kept.”
    ―John Steinbeck (1902–1968)

    and more succinctly,

    “Home is where the books are.”
    ―Richard Burton

  2. Hi, I would like to donate, but I think your link isn’t working… otherwise good luck with the great unpacking and organizing!

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