mowing the *lawn*?

The next door neighbor is mowing his lawn. In NOVEMBER. What the HELL! That’s SO WRONG! People do not MOW THE LAWN in NOVEMBER!

*sulks off in a corner*

6 thoughts on “mowing the *lawn*?

  1. I have FLOWERS that still have BLOOMS on them in my garden. In NOVEMBER. In ALASKA.

    I can relate. This is Not Right.

  2. However, here, down in sunny (except for this morning) Oregon, 5 nights in a row of 18-19 F cold have completely crisped all of my flowers except for the chrysanthemums and the alyssum (which never dies).

  3. We gots us some weird, weird weather, yes

    we do. I too have living flowers in my

    little yard.

    However, it means that regardless of

    anything else, winter will not be as long

    this year. Think of that.

  4. Unless, of course, the winter decides to make up for its late start by sticking around for a good long time next spring.

  5. Obviously, aliens have abducted your neighbors and replaced them with android duplicates!


    That is just sooo wrong! :o(

    *sadly singing*

    I’m dreaming of a white christmas…

    Snow better be there when I’m home!

    AK is NOT Az – doesn’t it know that?! AK is soo much better than that. ;o)

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