mowing the *lawn*?

The next door neighbor is mowing his lawn. In NOVEMBER. What the HELL! That’s SO WRONG! People do not MOW THE LAWN in NOVEMBER!

*sulks off in a corner*


  • jai

    I have FLOWERS that still have BLOOMS on them in my garden. In NOVEMBER. In ALASKA.

    I can relate. This is Not Right.

  • patch

    However, here, down in sunny (except for this morning) Oregon, 5 nights in a row of 18-19 F cold have completely crisped all of my flowers except for the chrysanthemums and the alyssum (which never dies).

  • yer mah

    We gots us some weird, weird weather, yes

    we do. I too have living flowers in my

    little yard.

    However, it means that regardless of

    anything else, winter will not be as long

    this year. Think of that.

  • Laura

    Unless, of course, the winter decides to make up for its late start by sticking around for a good long time next spring.

  • Kerry


    That is just sooo wrong! :o(

    *sadly singing*

    I’m dreaming of a white christmas…

    Snow better be there when I’m home!

    AK is NOT Az – doesn’t it know that?! AK is soo much better than that. ;o)

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