moz’ excellent

I’m currently 2K short of achieving a NNWM month in wordcount. I’d say this puts me on track for Most Productive Month Ever, as I believe my NNWM tally was 63 or 68 or something like that K, and it bled over a couple-three days into December. Feeling pretty pleased just now, so I am. :) Plus, tomorrow I get to write gargoyle sex, in which I will avidly avoid the phrase “hard as a rock” and anything like it, thank you very much for all you people who have gleefully suggested it.

Feeling a bit lost with the no Gilmore Girls to watch thing! Guess I’ll have to, um. Shower, clean the kitchen, do some laundry, walk the dog, make bread, and … gosh. Gilmore Girls sounds like more fun than all that, doesn’t it?

ytd wordcount: 248,000

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