muahahaha ow

Got some writing done this afternoon, 1550 words or so on TB. Finished ch. 23. I’m starting to feel the gleeful downward pull, although there’s still a lot to go yet. Still, boy is it nice to be looking at the down slope instead of the up slope. Yay!

Went to the gym. Walked 3 miles, did my situps and leg lifts and stuff. *waves a little flag* Came home and had half an apple, because I was … well. Not really very hungry. What I wanted was a brownie, but what I *really* wanted was to get another taste besides water, water *water* in my mouth.

The apple was emminently unsatisfying, and after waiting several minutes to see if I would become satisfied, I went ahead and had a brownie. But only one, instead of two! :)

Then I considered writing some more, although I really didn’t *feel* very much like it. Shaun suggested rolling a d20, and if I rolled a 1 or a 20, I had to sit down and write for an hour. I thought that sounded like a *stellar* idea, and did. And rolled a 15, thank heavens, so I didn’t have so sit down and write. :) Instead, I’ll do a tablet drawing! :)

*looks vaguely guilty at Ellen* And, um, some Zodiac roughs real soon now. Real soon. o.o

ytd wordcount: 36,350
miles to Rivendell: 375

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