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The best part is getting to reduce the number of copies per book on the shelf to account for the number of books. :)

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  1. But are they all signed? Mwahahaha!

    Actually, once you start getting the different editions, that shelf is going to fill up very quickly. So get out there, and start selling the foreign language rights.

    ( seems to have an awful lot of different versions of some of her books. I think she may have resorted to just storing the covers by now, purely for space reasons.)

  2. Well, for better or for worse, I opted to give Harlequin the world rights for publication when I signed my contracts with them, and similarly with Del Rey, so I’m not in much of a position to be selling foreign language rights. I will not, in the future, make that choice, but for the series I’ve already signed for there’s not much point in changing the contracts for later books, as people tend to want all of ’em when they’re buying up rights for different editions. Oh well, live and learn.

    The last 3 books in that picture are the French editions of the Walker Papers, which are the only translation that I know about so far. I think URBAN SHAMAN is maybe supposed to be out in Italy this year.

  3. Ah well, at the beginning of a writing career, it’s important to get published at all. But if you’ve not already done so, have a chat with – if I remember correctly, he’s now getting more income from the non-US markets than from the US, despite his initial publications being with US publishers.

    And yay for the French editions. (So that’s why I did’t recognise those spines.)

  4. He is, yeah, which is part of what has led me to see the error of my ways. :)

  5. {whines} Iiii waaant ooone.

    Wait. My birthday this way comes. HOo.m, hmm…

  6. I don’t think you necessarily made a bad choice this time around. It’s my understanding that Harlequin has a fabulous foreign rights department and most of the authors I’ve seen mention it have been thrilled with the outcome of their foreign sales. I have no idea about Del Ray, though.

  7. Oh. That. Is. Beautiful.

    You remind me once more why I’m in this business. :)

  8. They do, what with having publishing houses literally all over the world, which was what made me decide to go ahead and do that. OTOH, my books still aren’t out in the UK/Ireland, which is *very* frustrating because I’m living here now (“Yes,” I say to people, “I’m published, but unfortunately, you can’t actually *buy* the books in this country…”). Yeah. It wasn’t a *bad* choice. I just don’t think it’s a choice I’ll make in the future.

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