my busts are here!

My busts are here!

(Yes, yes, of course they are, where else would they be?)

I mean, my Rogue and Gambit busts, which I ordered back in February or March. The paint job on the Gambit is very very nice, which is, I believe, due to the fact that it’s #22 out of 1000, and they’re hand-painted. The Rogue’s paint job is … not nearly so good. Especially the mouth, which is fairly awful, and I think the color of the yellow in the uniform is kind of vile. It’s #630 out of 1000, so I think the painters were going BORED NOW. Anyway, yay, they’re here! Yay!

5 thoughts on “my busts are here!

  1. Wow. Rogue really is ugly. I mean, er, the paintjob. Wow. I admire the … wow. Ew.

    Gambit’s face looks a bit long, and as you said, his fingers are kind of wonky, but it looks much nicer.

    Anyway. Congrats!

  2. Wow. That mouth really IS dreadful. Couldn’t they blend it even a little bit? And who chose that color?!? From a bit of distance, however, they both will look quite nice.

  3. The photo doesn’t even show the worst part of the mouth, which is that it’s been outlined with black, like lip liner. It’s really pretty awful.

  4. Several people have suggested repainting it, but that would devalue the statue, not that I’m really planning on selling it any time soon, but still. It’s bad enough, in resale terms, that I actually /display/ the things. God forbid I should repaint one. :)

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