my geek is showing

I did not even *notice* (fortunately, my editor did) that I wrote “zwoot suit” when I meant to write “zoot suit”.

10 thoughts on “my geek is showing

  1. Hi! I’m a fanchick who just found and friended you.

    Not the scary annoying fan type, I hope *G*. But I just finished Coyote Dreams and LOVED IT! I have to say that if there aren’t more Joanne books coming I’ll be terribly disappointed.

    Best wishes and I look forward to discovering your other books and other pennames.

  2. Hello, fanchick! Nice to meet you! :) There will be more Walker Papers–the next one will be out in 2009, but I’ve got a whole bunch of other books coming out between now and then to tide people over. :) I’m glad you’re enjoying them! :)

    Awesome icon, btw. :)

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