Ehehe! I got my NaNoWriMo t-shirt in the mail today! I’d forgotten I ordered it, so it was a very nice surprise! I told myself that if I broke 50K words by the end of November, I’d reward myself with one of the ‘No plot? No problem!’ t-shirts. And I did, so I did! Heheheh!

3 thoughts on “nanowrimo!

  1. me too!! No plot? Nooooooooo problem!

    Wow, mail to there takes the same as mail to here? Huh.

  2. As I said to Kit last night: So, you did all this work in this quick time for something that doesn’t have a tangible contest-benefit and you had to pay for your own shirt?

    Y’all are crazy. Then again, that’s why I love ya.

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