I went to the Fairbanks Nanowrimo meetup today, which was fun and inspiring. I’d emailed to ask if I could come, and explained that this sort of thing was my day job, and I got a lot of questions and had a chance to talk to people about being a full-time writer, so that was cool. And I went away feeling like I should do some writing! Yay! Plus, I’ve gotten 1682 words done today, making today the first actual day I’ve reached NNWM writing goals. Yay again! :)

I’m going to have the AAs for HOUSE OF CARDS waiting for me when I get home. I *knew* that was going to happen, and I’ve explained to the poor editorial assistant that there is in fact no way to get them to me before I get back to Ireland, nor any way for me to get them back to Luna in less than thirty-six hours after I get back, so that’ll be a bumpy ride, I figure. And…well, I’d say I can’t afford to lose momentum on HANDS OF FLAME, but I’ve yet to actually *get* any momentum, so maybe that doesn’t matter so much. Just as long as I get it finished by the end of the month. Oi. :)

We got more Christmas presents today! This has been a very Christmasy November. :) Fred Meyer had a sale on a cute taupe fake-suede skirt and long skinny-strap tank-tops, so I got a very patriotic trio of tanks and the skirt, and Ted got a couple video games he wanted. Those were our gifts from the family gift exchange, and we’re both quite happy with them. :)

Ngh. Malingering cold symptoms include a clogged throat and two canker sores, one of which is on the gum beneath my lower front incisor. The entire *tooth* aches from it. I’m going to be really grumpy if I manage to just barely kick this cold and catch another one on the flipping airplane. *squinchy face*

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  1. Yay for early Christmas! I have so much family scattered about that Christmas goes on for a while.

    LOL, you can probably crank out 50,000 words standing on your head. :)

    I am attempting NaNo again this year. I tried it once before in ’04 and lasted about a week. I quickly sucumbed to work, school, kids, husband and house. This year I told them to take a back seat for a month.

    Then immediately, on Nov. 1, my lap top went into the shop, so I’ve been bouncing around computers between home and work. I finally got my precious back yesterday. I’m hoping to get to the write-in at the coffee shop down the road tomorrow. It’ll be good to see who else is attempting this.

  2. Hope you feel better soon. Mouth pain stinks, and seems to affect one’s entire outlook, I find.

    Good luck with the dance of the ms.!

  3. Dear Cathie,

    It was a nice surprise to meet you at the Fairbanks Nano Write-in. Thanks for your input on my “motive dilemma.” I am working out several extra angles, as you suggested. I guess I tend to be “too nice” and I must learn to dump that attitude. I hope to meet you again, next time you get up to North Pole.

    Nano Nano,

    Akpolarmom/Aino Welch
    Nano Novel: “Murder in Ice”

    P.S. You have sparked my interest… I must now go get one of your books as this genre is unfamiliar to me.

  4. It was nice to meet you, too! I had great fun at the meeting. :) Good luck with your book! :)


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