natty gann

Just in case anybody was wondering, Natty Gann was pretty much as wonderful in 2003 at 29 as it was in 1985 at 12. In fact, I’m convinced once more that Harry is one of John Cusack’s best roles. (Perhaps not coincidentally, 1985 was also the year he made my favorite Cusack film, The Sure Thing. Maybe I’ve just got a thing for 19-year-old-John-Cusack.)

Natty Gann’s out on DVD. Apparently it’s a pan-and-scan, not a widescreen version, but I might get it anyway. *beam*

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  1. I agree, Natty Gann is still an excellent movie…I originally watched it ages ago, but happened to find a copy of the VHS tape at Blockbuster for $5, and since I’m still stuck in video tape mode, I picked it up for my collection, because I remembered really loving it then….Sure ’nuff, I still really like it….

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