new furniture!


All right, putting a little more effort into this entry.

Drove around and got lost some but then we found the place to pay for the people to come take away the Nissan, and we did and they did and so after more than a year of having a non-functional car sitting in our driveway, we no longer do. Weird. Hit the post office, haven’t gone back to Office Depot yet, and the comic shop was very lukewarm about the prospect of buying Ted’s collection, so maybe it’ll sit in the garage a while yet. I’ve baked a cake and … yep. That’s about it for my brains today. Yup. Bye, then.

3 thoughts on “new furniture!

  1. Nice furniture! Nice Ted! BIG Chanti! She’s gotten huge and gorgeous! Hard to believe she’s the same awkward puppy I met.

  2. I love the new furniture! Especially the recliner/loveseat. Jealous!

    Also, I like how your house looks (love the builtin book shelves. Droooooo.) and your cats are ky0000t.

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