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If it were not for the word wars, I *know* I wouldn’t have gotten my chapter done today, and I got the impression several other people wouldn’t have written much, either. But about seven people showed up despite this general malaise, so I’m really delighted by that. The wars are working! :)

The inestimable Judith Tarr is commissioning original short stories, mentoring opportunities, and perhaps even a commissioned novel, so if there’s a world of hers you’d like to revisit, or if you’re an aspiring writer who would like advice from one of the most incredibly talented women in the sf/f business, this is your chance.

I am personally deeply curious about how the commissioning of short stories and potential novels will go, as someday I’ll get around to writing CENTENARIAN and am still thinking of that in terms of a you-got-it-here-first novel-length subscription piece.

I actually did everything on my to-do list yesterday, and also wrote 1900 words. The upshot, though, was I decided I wasn’t applying for the arts council bursary award this time around, because it’s due tomorrow and I just don’t have my shit sufficiently together to get it in. Or, rather, I could, but it would have meant sacrificing two days of working on the book, which I’m trying to finish by next Friday. Given that the book means a sure-fire paycheck and the grant application does not, I’m okay with this. There’s a second round for this award later in the year; I’ll get it done for that.

Uh. Oh. And although I’m too wasted to do it today, I did go out and take pictures yesterday. This was the one worth saving. Also, my nephews like its title, which is good because I was thinking of them when I named it. :)

And we’re going to go see Wolverine tonight. Yay!

ytd wordcount: 155,000
miles to Minas Tirith: 216.5
ytd km swum: 39.2

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