nnwm community?

Vaguely considering starting a NNWM community for the people I know who’re doing this year’s NNWM, in large part because there’s too much traffic on the NNWM boards for me to bother trying to keep up with them. (Also, it gives me a really *easy* way to ride people about getting their words done!) So:

In something that has nothing to do with that, my sister’s just informed me that her eldest has just informed *her* that he’s “so not impressed with her.” *laughs and laughs and laughs* She doesn’t know why. She thinks he just wanted to say it. She thinks she may have said it to him, and he liked the sound of it. *laughs and laughs and laughs*

2 thoughts on “nnwm community?

  1. yeah, there’s waaaaay too much activity on the NNWM forums for me to even think about keeping up. and that’s when i’m not even trying to do my own NNWM.

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