*no* wordcount!

Not so much with the wordcount today; I decided I needed a break. So instead I wrote 1160 words, then went to the store and then we went to Bosco’s and Best Buy where I decided not to buy season 1 Stargate right now and then we wandered around the mall for as long as we could stand to have fun (not very) and then we came back home where it was determined that we were really sleepy, so we took a nap, which confused the hell out of Chantico (hey, what’re you doing? stupid humans! it’s daytime! why’re you going to bed? hey, cats! the humans are going to bed! what’s going on? stupid humans! *bouncebouncebounce*) and then I slaved over a hot stove and made chili dogs for dinner, and then I went for a walk, and then I watched another episode of Highlander, and then I made brownies, and now I’m writing this and contemplating going back to bed.

Did I mention that on Friday we went to have our taxes done, and the SOB’s had lost our appointment? *sigh* So we’ve got a new appointment for Monday, but really, what a pain in the ass.

I really. Really. Want my shoulder to stop hurting. It’s better than it was (I went to the chiro Friday) but it’s not well yet and more to the point, I’m quite sure it’s not well enough to swim, and I want to swim. *sigh* Yay, go me, I’m kicking ass on my writing goal, but man, weight loss? drawing? reading? Feh. So since I’m already eighteen thousand words ahead of schedule for writing, I’m going to scale down the writing insanity for March and _focus_ on exercise and, well, other stuff. Reading, drawing. I’m still going to aim for my 1100 words a day, but after what I’ve been writing, that ought to feel like a walk in the park. :)

ytd wordcount: 82,580

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