not going *there* again

Well, Office Depot never called to say my manuscripts were printed, so we went by to see what was up, and rather than a double-sided spiraly bound ms there was a single-sided unbound manuscript. -.- So after re-making the order, I told them that I either wanted the copy of the unbound manuscript or I wanted to watch it be destroyed, because it was a matter of some concern to me, and they gave it to me. So of course that means I don’t really *need* the bound copy. *exasperated look* Anyway, I will not go to Office Depot for manuscript printing again. Plflh. Tomorrow morning we’ll go pick up the bound manuscripts and bring 245309870 billion books to Title Wave and… oh, if we’re lucky we’ll have the Salvation Army or ARC come pick up the old sofa and the futon frame.

I need to get a recycling bin and figure out how to arrange my bit of the office so it’s convenient. Hrm.

Silkie is meeping over the draft copy of TB. *muahahahaha* And, well, at least I have a copy of /it/, so I can get up and do edits for /it/ tomorrow, if I don’t feel like tackling TQB without a hardcopy in hand. Though, know what? The stuff I’m going to be doing is mostly !chronological anyway, so I may be able to just sit down and write it. We’ll see in the morning. :)

Feeling very VERY busy!

Perhaps I’ll go alphabetize the books!

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  1. wow . . . this doesn’t sound like a vacation to me! can’t wait to see the new furniture.

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