not perfect…

While not perfect, I am reasonably happy with this design. I’d fiddle with it more, except NO NET ACCESS. o.o (If it’s screwed up, hit shift-reload or some variation thereof to get rid of caching.) Irritatingly, only IE supports personalized scroll bars, so all other browsers have this big ugly internal scrollbar in the text area, but it looks nice on IE. :) I also had the text switched to Courier, which *I* like a lot, but I suspect other people think Verdana and Helvetica are easier on the eyes. Weirdos. :)

The manuscript got here this morning, so I’m … well. Redesigning right now, obviously, but I’m wrapping birthday presents and getting ready to go back out to Athy soon, and trying to decide if I’m weenie enough to call a cab from here to the train station. It’s only about a mile, but Ted’s got a lot of heavy loot I need to haul down there.

Right. I also need to update and I had best get with the program.

miles to Mount Doom: 340

5 thoughts on “not perfect…

  1. I like it, but when I first loaded it in Firefox it blew up using the old layout. It actually was funny, but I do have an odd sense of humor, especially as concerns the web. :) I do agree; it looks verrahnice in IE.

  2. Ooh, it’s all pretty and purple.

    (I’m not using Firefox, so the new layout loaded right away, and there are no problems with it.)

  3. It’s different, that’s for sure. I’m not sure how I feel about the “scroll within a scroll”, but it does grab my attention. (And that’s the important part, right? Right!)

    On the technical side, it works for Safari and Firefox 1.5 Mac, which is cause for much dancing. (Getting some things to work with Safari is not as easy as standards-compliance. Darn you, Apple.)

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