not too bright

So I’ve been in pain for pretty much the last year, because I screwed up my back after I blew my knee out last March. On Sept. 11th (it’s a little hard to forget) I woke up with spasming back pains, and went and got some muscle relaxants which I was supposed take every 12 hours as needed. The thing about me and drugs is that I apparently have a pretty high drug tolerance, and so back then I took a pill and nothing happened, and eventually I took another pill and eventually after that went to bed and woke up at 3am with more back spasms, and took another pill and four ibuprofin, about twenty minutes after which I fell through the bed and the next day my back was a lot less painful. I took a pill or two over the next few weeks, and then stopped.

Saturday my back wasn’t spasming, but between taking care of the dog and the ache of the back, I was totally exhausted and pretty much in tears. So I took one of the muscle relaxants, and after a few hours of that not doing any noticeable good, I took a couple ibuprofin.

And after a couple of hours, I was practically pain free, and have been for the last two days.

Now, I ask you, why the hell didn’t I do this four months ago? Or two? Or even one? What is wired wrong in my tiny little brain that I have to be incapable of functioning before I’ll do something about it?

Suddenly I am reminded of Flit.

2 thoughts on “not too bright

  1. Because you like pain? Because humans are stoopid? Because you are stubborn? All of the above? o.o :)

  2. I’m pretty sure I don’t *like* pain. Certainly humans are stoopid and I’m stubborn, though. :)

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