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is reading THE QUEEN’S BASTARD. It’s fascinating to listen to his comments, because TQB is totally different from anything else I’ve written. Among other things, it has a cast of thousands, and will, consequently, have a cast list at the front of the book, because I’m the only one who can keep them straight, and even I needed a list for the first several chapters. Not so much for the characters as the countries, but still. Anyway, listening to him reading it makes me eager to do the revisions on it, but since the book got pushed back from this fall to next summer, the revision letter is not yet in my hands. Which is okay, because I have to finish HANDS OF CHANGE, as well as do copy edits on HEART OF STONE. :)

I should’ve made a list of thinks to do today, as I didn’t get as much done as yesterday. More words, less Stuff. Well, I needed the words. :) And if I can get through another chapter I think I can start putting stuff back in, which would be excellent. I still think a good third, maybe half, of what I’ve written will end up axed, but the book’s already more interesting for it. Now I’m at the “how am I going to make this all work in the time frame” problem, but that’s a better problem than “hasn’t too much time gone by for this little Stuff to have happened?”

I, er, also got Petite to 27th level. O.O :) And yesterday I made this icon, which I think is funny. :)

miles to Dunharrow: 172
ytd wordcount: 49,200


  1. logrusboy

    Can read stuff like that is good. It means your cognitive processes are still flexible.

    Having to read stuff like that is a sad commentary on teh intarwebz 2dai. (Sorry. I’m a bad person, I know.)

    Enjoying it is…well, that would be bad. Just plain wrong. Ewww!

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