nothing to say

Nothing to say, today, so I thought I’d talk about Bryant. Okay, talking about him when I had nothing else to talk about was actually his idea, but that’s okay. He’s got a nice oft-times political weblog that I admire and kind of want to emulate, but instead I mostly just read his.

Ok, that wasn’t even very much talking about Bryant, but you take what you can get. Sheesh.

1 thought on “nothing to say

  1. I made my first post this morning, then came over and read this. Now I feel horribly guilty.

    Well. A little guilty, anyhow.

    But I’m grateful for the talking about me bit!

    A very nice law school student I don’t know other than by reading her blog sent me email this morning asking if I minded being listed as Miscellany. I said I couldn’t think of any better way to describe me.

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