I don’t know how it got to be October already.

However, in celebration, or something, of it being the final quarter of the year, I decided to start doing Pilates this morning. The goal is to do exercises every other day, so 3-4 times a week. My core muscles are pretty mushy and have been for a very long time, so yeah. Trying to do something about that.

oh my GOD i’m going to be a whimpering pathetic blob tomorrow. o.o *ded*

Stay tuned later for groaning about sore muscles more live revision process blogging. :)

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1 thought on “*October*?

  1. here is my pilates imagery, in case you want to know :)

    so #1, the b-line (not an image but a fact) – lie on your back and trace your index finger straight across the hips from hip bone to hip bone several times. engage the muscles along that line. ideally you’re trying to draw the abdominal muscular wall back behind the line of the hip bones – hence the name, b-line – which may or many not be possible for your own body shape.

    imagine you’re putting on a pair of jeans 1 size too small – zip the zipper, pubic bone to the navel. lift your lady parts. :)

    imagine you’ve got a pair of suspenders between the solar plexus and the pubic bone. cinch them so the rib cage knits together and slides all the way down toward the pubic bone.

    imagine you’ve got an arrow shooting back through the belly button, pinning the naval to the spine.

    last one – just at the intersection of the b-line and zipper zipping, halfway back in the body, imagine that you have a small, absorbent sponge. it’s absorbing the pelvic floor, lower belly, lower back, side waists, rib cage, everything. in addition, you’re wringing out this sponge, from all directions, each time you exhale.
    that’s it baby!

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