off to colorado

Well, I’m off to Coloradoin a few hours. I imagine I’ll be able to find a place somewhere that I can check email, but I can’t figure out how to set Netscape up to check my mizkit account, so if anyone wants to actually send me any email over the next few days, please use my account.

All thoughts and wishes of good luck will be greatly appreciated. I’ll try to post from the con. If I can’t, well, see you Monday!

6 thoughts on “off to colorado

  1. I’m not going to wish you luck. You don’t need it. You’ve made your own with hard work, talent, and a great haircut. :)

    (okay, okay…..bon chance! a little karma and some fate doesn’t hurt)

  2. AAAAHHHHH!!!! I can’t stand the suspense!!! Post, post, PLEASE post and let us know how it’s going!!!!

    *more wishes of good luck from the east*

  3. Ok she has access to email and will be posting at some time today or tomorrow. Just got email from her. :)

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