off to ireland!

I have just seen my parents off to Ireland. Eee! What an adventure for them! I want to gooooo! EVERYBODY will be in Ireland now! *hops around*!

Ted made an unbelievably good going-away dinner last night, too. Sheesh. I mean, sheesh. An appetizer of shrimp-stuffed mushrooms followed by crab legs in butter, and topped off with rockfish au papier on a risotto with string beans. It was *ridiculously* good. Aunt Eileen and Uncle Pete came over, and we all ate until we were stuffed silly, and then had cheesecake for dessert. Very very nice evening. :)

Scraping wallpaper off walls isn’t very much fun.

miles to Rauros Falls: 277

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  1. All I can think of is a trick from Sell This House, involving a solution of laundry detergent and water (I think; I’ll verify) and a little scorer thingy to make it much easier.

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