Oh! Emily called yesterday. She’s made it safely to Kotlik, the kitten and the dog (who belongs to Jen with whom she is rooming) are getting along okay, she and Jen are getting along swimmingly, the new school they’ve built in Kotlik (which won’t open until January) is the best laid-out and designed school she’s ever seen, the old school which she’s currently in is a hodgepodge and a mess but interesting, she has the nicest duplex in the village and there was a potluck going on yesterday afternoon that she was going to. Not to welcome her, but to say goodbye to the missionary lady who had been in Kotlik for *fifty years* and who was retiring. Emily was making the rice krispie treats to bring to the potluck. Ah, traditional village fare. :)

2 thoughts on “oh!

  1. Yay, Emily update! Good to hear she’s fallen on her feet.

    It seems weird to know someone who lives where there are missionaries…

  2. Yes! I’m alive! And, now I can get online… sort of. Telnet isn’t working and I don’t know why, so I can’t check my email, yet. But, here I am, in the middle of nowhere!

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