oh dear :/

Ted called from London. The pets are in quarantine for ~2 days, because the flea and tick treatment expired while they were in transit and so has to be readministered. We don’t yet know if one of us will have to fly to London on Saturday and fly back with the pets. Ted was very, very tired and said he just wanted a shower and some sleep. Poor guy. I don’t know how Shaun’s doing.

I’m thinking if one of us has to go over, it’ll probably be me (so if you read this, Geni, check your email), as I have the ease-of-passage passport and won’t be coming off two very long days of traveling. It’d only be a day trip, but still.

(A day trip. To LONDON. In ENGLAND!)

On the flip side, we went forth and bought a lot of things for the house: dishes, a couple of pots and a pan (because ours are in transit), towels, an electric kettle and a toaster, pillows, a couple of throws…enough to make the place habitable. I believe I’m going to go out shortly and buy some very basic groceries (like milk, cereal, bread, soup) and that’ll get us through at least tomorrow at lunchtime before we have to go any further abroad in search of fud.

Do you think Ted needs this for Christmas? :)

6 thoughts on “oh dear :/

  1. Yes, Ted definitly needs that for Christmas . . . and did you see the chocolate fountain?

    Your day trip sounds like so much fun! Take lots of pictures . . .

  2. Pity the fondue set isn’t real. Or maybe not. I can just hear all these people calling computer tech support because they spilled chocolate or melted cheese on their keyboards!

    Hope the pets get home with no further complications.

  3. I think it IS real. It looks like it on Thinkgeek. That would be very cool, but think of all the melted chocolate sitting around your house calling your name, “CATIE…CAAATIE! You know you want a chocolate dipped strawberry!”
    Let us know when everyone is there safe.
    We miss you guys!

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