oh dear.

I seem to have accidentally had a little writing accident tonight. I had to get up to write down the first sentence of a book idea, something I’ve had in the back of my mind for a long time, and then it turned into the first three paragraphs, and then I tried going to bed and then I had several more sentences to write and so I got up, somewhat impatiently, and came to the computer and sat down and wrote for, well, a couple of hours, I guess it’s been, an hour and a half, anyway, and now I have a chapter of 1500 words written.

And it’s not even something I’m *supposed* to be writing on! I have to write my O’Leary’s story and at _least_ finish the first third of MD this month! Preferably the first _half_ of MD!

I was considering writing this story that I got started tonight /next/ month, for NaNoWriMo, although I think I’ve technically buggered that because I started it this month (I don’t think that’s actually going to stop me, if I decide to do it), but *ack*.

And now I’ve started chapter two. This can’t be good. O.O

No, no, *no*. I’m going to bed. It’s one in the morning. This story can wait until *next* month. O’Leary’s, then Manifest Destiny, dammit!

I seem to have written another three hundred words.

Really. I’m going to bed now.

I am.

6 thoughts on “oh dear.

  1. These things happen. Books tend to possess you when you least want them to. :) I’ve been fighting the urge to write for the last couple weeks. I finally worked out a plot for a character I’ve had running around in my head for at least a year last week. I am not allowed to write fiction right now. But I suspect I’ll eventually have an accident of your sort. And if I’m good, I’ll then stop and go back to writing about trends in healthcare spending in the latter half of the 20th century. Fiction is for AFTER the doctorate!

    But if a story possessed you, who are SUPPOSED to be writing fiction, I’d say go with it. The muse only strikes when it feels like it. Might as well use it.

  2. I hate you. I hate you a lot.

    I’ll be in this pit over here, with the bugs and worms.

  3. *dissolves giggling* You have such problems. I wind up having reading accidents, but, well… you know. :)

    Catching up on Kitlife! The apartment people asked you to take down the shelving? Poor fools they! I have most of the pieces for my next 120″-long shelving stuff to be hung over my bed, now I just need the shelves and braces, then must find out where the beams were hidden and whether or not they’re steel. O.O Steel beams are definitely a PITA when putting up shelving. *stern look* :D

  4. You may not be writing on what you’re ‘supposed’ to write on, but that Muse, she be a fickle wench. And writing engenders other writing, so I say, good on you.

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