oh, for pity’s sake

My shoulder started to feel better-ish around Thursday, at which time Ted got a three-day migraine. His head started to feel better last night, at which time my left middle back turned into a spasming mess of pain.

Enough already, sez I. :p

I spent half an hour this morning doing creative stretching–the spasming part of my back is not the easiest part of the body to stretch–and it is less awful now, but I kind of suspect I’m going to have to continue the creative stretching all day in order to retain the ability to, say, breathe deeply. The particularly aggravating thing–well, ok, no; *one* of the aggravating things, because really the pain is the *particularly* aggravating thing, but anyway–is that hands down the best chair in the house for me to sit in is my work desk. As Ted said, “We /did/ spend a thousand dollars to make sure it’d be a good chair to sit in,” but I’m supposed to be on *vacation*, and there’s literally nothing to do at my workstation but work, because it has no internet access. *glum*

It’s Mother’s Day here in Ireland, so Ted’s going to make an Amazing Dinner for Mom (and coincidentally the rest of us) and I’m going to make a lovely spice cake for dessert. Except I typed ‘space cake’ when I was talking to Mom just now, which prompted the following conversation:

Mom: A space cake could be interesting.

Kit: But not what you wanted for mother’s day! :)

Mom: Well, now. I don’t know. I don’t know what a space cake would be like.

Kit: I have several ideas. :)

Mom: Do you?

Kit: Yep! I think it’d have to be a dark chocolate cake, and then there would be a variety of things you could do. you could frost it with a ribbon of vanilla frosting with silver sparkles and it could be a Milky Way Galaxy cake. Or you could make frosting planets and it could be a solar system cake.

Mom: oooh!

Kit: Or if you were feeling very ambitious you could make, let’s see. Two red devil’s food cakes, for Mercury and Mars (the Mercury one would be very small indeed!), and a silver cloud cake for Venus and…Earth would be difficult, actually. Possibly a blueberry cake or bread of some sort. then for the gas giants you’d want to do something light, maybe meringues of some kind, though Jupiter would have to be quite colorful with its red spot and all, and Saturn would probably be an angel food cake with powdered sugar sprinkles for the rings. I’d have to think more about Uranus and Neptune. And *I* would put Pluto into the planets. hmph. :)

That sounds like a good theme for a big birthday party, though. :)

I’ll have to do something like that someday. :)

miles to Minas Tirith: 132

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