the cartwheel conundrum

It wasn’t exactly a conundrum, really, but I couldn’t think of a word that started with ‘c’, meant ‘mistake’, and wasn’t profane. :) I want you all to understand that I went into this will full knowledge and aforethought and the expectation that I would throw my back out. My son has been practicing his cartwheels, and can’t quite get the speed he needs to get his feet all the way up over his head. After trying to walk him through it several times, and mentioning that I needed to…

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capturing the garden kittens

We got a capture cage and a regular cage from the animal rescue place & to rehabilitate the kittens in. (Habilitate, I guess; they were never habilitated to begin with, so I guess they can’t be REhabilitated….) The animal rescue people are SWAMPED and they have no easily found place to give the kittens to someone else to teach to be pets. The lady there said every female cat they’ve had brought in in the past 2 months has been heavily pregnant and that she doesn’t remember a year this…

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Two nights ago, in an attempt to thwart my burgeoning cold, I took some vitamin C. One of the pills went down sideways and stuck at the top of my esophagus, where it would not be dislodged by water. Over the course of the next several hours, it worked its way down to about mid-breastbone, where, when, at 2:30am, the combination of esophagal discomfort and having to pee drove me to the bathroom. Water and gravity then persuaded it to the bottom of my esophagus, where it then remained until…

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oh, for pity’s sake

My shoulder started to feel better-ish around Thursday, at which time Ted got a three-day migraine. His head started to feel better last night, at which time my left middle back turned into a spasming mess of pain. Enough already, sez I. :p I spent half an hour this morning doing creative stretching–the spasming part of my back is not the easiest part of the body to stretch–and it is less awful now, but I kind of suspect I’m going to have to continue the creative stretching all day in…

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shoulder is improving. trying not to keyboard too much. am cranky about not swimming, but that would be Stupid right now. might be back around on Friday. that is all. :) miles to Minas Tirith: 121.3