oh my gawd

Oh my gawd. I just had a plate full of french toast made with cinnamon raisin bread and drenched in hot syrup delivered to my desk. Wow. All hail Emily! Wow, that was *really* *good*. And to think, I’d been going to have raisin bran. o.o

Also, I have slain a mighty bug on my site launch, so I am smug. Smug smug smug. *flexes mightily*

Apparently a car alarm went off for an hour and a half last night. I utterly slept through it, but poor Ted didn’t. He went and pounded on the neighbor’s door, but there was no reponse, so he came back and called the cops. Whether they did anything or if the batteries just ran out or what, I don’t know, but I guess it turned off around 1:20, and Ted went back to bed. And then the kitten woke him up at 3:30. *wince* Me, I slept through all of it, except Ted got up to throw the kitten out and /that/ woke me up. So poor Ted is very very *very* sleepy today. :/

My friend Christi said this reminded her of me. *chortle*

3 thoughts on “oh my gawd

  1. I’ve been meaning to inquire….

    What is an Emily and how did you acquire one, along with her kitten? I noted her arrival in blog, but I missed the lead-up to that arrival…

    It does sound like Emilies are nice to have around, even if their kittens do awaken Teds up in the small hours….

  2. Which one of those is supposed to be you, Kit?

    (What, people expected me not to be like this? Foolish people.)

  3. Presumably the woman. I didn’t actually ask. :)

    What an Emily is: a redheaded friend of ours who has moved from California to Alaska and who is going to go teach special ed in the Bush, thus confirming that she’s a much better person than I am. :)

    We acquired her in mid-July ’cause we’re providing crashspace during the period of time between her arrival in Anchorage and her departure to the Bush. The kitten is a newer arrival, having come in on Monday and Disrupted The Household. However, everybody seems to have adjusted now. (No more puking Zilli.)

    The longer-term lead-up to her arrival is that she came up and visited last summer and really loved it (despite the fact that it rained the entire week she was here) and her God-awful virus-inspired headache faded to almost nothing while she was here (we theorize clean air) and then a bunch of things happened in CA (her job got more frustrating, her housemate moved out, she got in the car and the song that came on the CD was ‘Move On’) and she decided it was clearly all a Sign so she moved to Alaska. :)

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