oh my GOD

oh my god oh my god oh my god OH MY GOD

I amde the rockty mountain ficutio … i can’t type *helplelss laugh*

i made the rocky moutnain fiction writer’s contest finalists. my manuscript is goign to an editor. oh my gohd oh my god oh my GOD oh y GOD

she said my ms just BARELY got ther ein time but OH MY GOD

i have to go die now. AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA!

9 thoughts on “oh my GOD

  1. Whoot!

    …and well-deserved, too. I shall bounce and clap my hands and sing happy songs in the workplace on your behalf.


  2. EEEeeeEEEEE! Congratulations? Did you mention somewhere what manuscript this was?

  3. Holy shit! Congratulations!!!!! Have you decided how to celebrate yet? That is AWESOME!!!!!

  4. Holy god! Congrats, woman!

    Clearly, my vague hope for someday having a shelf full of books by my friends isn’t a pipe dream. ^_^

  5. No dying. Dying bad, very bad.

    Congratumalations!! This is very cool wonderful news…

    You will, of course, make sure to update us as events develop, I’m sure. Great news — see, you do rock!

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