oh, sod it

I believe I’m coming to terms with my fate and accepting I’m not gonna write any more than 2200 words today. 2200 isn’t at all bad, but it’s not even a whole chapter, so that’s sort of a bother. But Ted and I went into Cork to try to deliver ‘s book, only she had the nerve to leave work early when I hadn’t, like, warned her we were coming or anything. Sheesh. Of all the thoughtless things… :)

So since we were in Cork, Ted and I went to see Ice Age 2, which was very cute, then came back to Cobh and went out to dinner, in the guise of celebrating signing contracts/getting book copies/finishing a book…nevermind that I haven’t actually finished the book yet. It’s been a very nice evening, and I’d intended to come home and finish chapter 25, but I’ve been socializing instead and *pathetic look* it’s nice to talk to people. So don’t condemn me for it, ok? *sniffle*

Wow. Having so many conversations I’m having a hard time writing this. That’s actually kinda nice. Having a cool conversation with about anime and one with about writing. Just chatting with and . *happy sigh*

Breic called me last night to have the hiccups at me. I told him to tell his mother to give him a spoonful of peanutbutter, because sometimes that helped hiccups go away. He asked me to repeat myself three times (What? WHAT? WHAT?) then turned and said, very carefully, “I should have some hic! peanutbuthic! peanutbutter because somehic! sometimes that helps my hiccups go away!” So he was *listening* *really* hard to me, to make sure he understood everything I said before he repeated it back to Deirdre. :) Cute little boy. After a while he forgot about the phone, so I hung up on him and gchatted Deirdre to tell her I’d hung up on her son. She said that seemed like a reasonable thing to do. :)

For some reason, keeps coming up in conversation tonight. I admire the hell out of Warren. He’s caustic and nasty and I wouldn’t want to spend a night in his mind, but he has passion and focus and a talent for seeing the internet as an art form. He demands that people (his Unholy Army, I believe the LJ followers are called) entertain him through it, thereby begetting creativity. He challenges people. He finds and pimps new music, new artists, new photographers, new writers, investing all sorts of angry enthusiasm in them and turning other people on to them. He does, in short, all kinds of interesting shit I wish I had the right kind of mind or drive to do. Not that I lack drive or anything, but there are moments when I do wish I knew how to do what he does.

(…otoh, I am at the moment listening to “Oops, I Did It Again” via Ted’s laptop, which probably somehow says every last thing about why Warren Ellis does the kinds of things he does, and why Catie Murphy does the kinds of things she does.)

Anyway, one of the things and I were talking about (well, I was talking about it; Russ didn’t have a forum in mind that he mentioned) was something like using an LJ to write short fiction just to grab people for a moment and see how they responded. I love the idea. I think it’d be a blast.

I’d never do it. Warren did, with , and I’d be doomed if I tried using that as a template (my mind is not at *all* like Warren Ellis’s, for which both my husband and myself are grateful), but even if I used my own template, it’s incredibly unlikely I’d ever do it. Which is kind of a pity.

‘course, I don’t have his legions of fanboys that make it half the fun, either, so maybe it’s just as well.

I think I need to stop writing and go to bed now. :)


  1. madmiss

    Ah i see i had the Nerve to leave work an hour later than i should have?
    I’ve a rather strange Nerve… maybe I should try and train it to be daring and actually start leaving work on time?

    Sorry I missed ye.

    But WOOT i get to read TF soon!! *does happy little Gir dance*

  2. mizkit

    *laugh* Oh, well. Whoever I talked to said you’d left early. I think in general you should make a habit of leaving on time, myself. :) I’ll try to come by … probably on Tuesday, if you’ll be at work, and drop it off. :)

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