oh, that’s too cool

So Trent told me a story this morning.

Last night his wife Laura said something about wanting to write a story. She then opined the fact that she’s not good at writing anything longer than about three or four minutes, spoken.

Trent said, “I told her I could have her talk to someone who writes really well, thinking of you. She said ‘I don’t think Steve will answer a question like that. I don’t think Neil will either. What other famous authors are you on a first-name basis with?'”

So, apparently I’m in the same boat with Messrs. Brust and Gaiman. :)

2 thoughts on “oh, that’s too cool

  1. Okay, all these people on first name bases with famous authors make me want to yank my hair and cry.

  2. I just want to use them for my nefarious purposes. I’d really like to get Steven Brust to read MD, for example, or Neil Gaiman to read LG. :)

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