oh wow

Oh, wow, that posting last night actually posted. I didn’t expect it to, and so I’d been a Clever Kit and had saved it in another file so I could repost this morning. But I don’t have to, hah!

So the cable modem crashed last night and Ted and I went out to dinner at Lone Star, this being our Nod To Valentine’s Day, then went to Border’s and spent Ted’s birthday gift certificate (new Anne Perry! New Joan Vinge! Woot! Okay, I seem to have spent 2/3rds of it myself. o.o) and then went to have ice cream and then came home and I made brownies (which I ate two of and made myself feel all gooky later, too much sweetness) and we watched the first three episodes of Angel from this season, ’cause Deen ROCKS and gave me tapes up to relatively recent episodes, and woot! So there was Angel-watching, and it was good. Fred is cute. Darla is skanky. I like Cordy’s hair. Heck, I like Wesley’s hair.

Now I’m going to get some breakfast. HungryKit!

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  1. Yeah, but I suck, ’cause I didn’t managed to tape one of the episodes of Angel. But at least it wasn’t the very most importantest episode.

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