oh yeah, this is why I do this job

For the first time in almost exactly a year, I’m having fun writing. QUEEN’S BASTARD was fun to write, but pretty much everything I’ve done since then has been pure hell, for one reason or another. Two days ago, for the first time in writing this book, I started to have a spark of excitement about it. Yesterday I did a little over 5K, and actually *enjoyed* it. I’d forgotten what it was like to have fun writing. What it was like to be excited about the story and happy to see where it was going and gleeful about the machinations and watching doom erupt.

I hope to God this lasts through the rest of the book. I’ve hit the halfway point again, 63K, 269 pages. Pretty damned close to half of that is new material. Everything’s set up for the second half of the book, and a whole lot of chaos, misery and doom is coming my protagonist’s way. It’s going to be fun. :)

I’m bringing the Dana with me to the con this weekend, in hopes of writing on the train thither and yon. Since I’ve pretty much used up all the material from earlier draft that I can, I’m kinda hands-free from here on out, not needing to cut and paste and stitch anymore, so hopefully I’ll get some work done. Even just one chapter would be great.

And! I finally broke 200K for the year!

ytd wordcount: 204,300
miles to Minas Tirith: 333

6 thoughts on “oh yeah, this is why I do this job

  1. This is good. I hope it stays!

    (Similar things happened to me this year, but you can’t just not write when in a slump like me ;))

  2. Apropos of nothing very much: it has recently crossed my mind that if you’re in Dublin, and want to visit Trinity’s Old Library (Book of Kells, and they’ve a new exhibition on the Annals of the Four Masters etc at the moment), just drop me a line. I can get four people a day in for nothing, and I’m not using that permission at all.

  3. I just broke the 55K mark on a story of my own which is looking to top about 100K or so, so congrats — I know how it feels to break through a barrier or three!

    I’m also looking to tackle NaNo again this year, since last year paid off so wonderfully.

  4. Being exciting about writing is good. I’m actually feeling better about the whole mess of it today too.

    I blame the Wars. We must keep this up!

  5. Yay!!!

    What a great feeling! And it definitely sounds like it will last for the rest of the book, and into the next one, so double-yay!

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