oh, you wanted to know?

Oh, you wanted to know what grad school I was thinking about? Sheesh. Nosy.

I’m thinking about going back for my MFA in creative writing. There’s a fairly decent MFA program at UAA.

The only problem with this is that I actually /want/ to go to Mills College in Oakland for an MFA. But it costs several thousand times more, and, well, is in Oakland. So I don’t know. :/

UAA has plenty of other undergrad degrees that I’d like to get. Anthropology, geology, theatre, art … the problem with going back for another undergrad degree is that grad classes tend to not be in the morning, which would mean I could still work, whereas undergrad classes are all over the schedule. Also, of course, one can get research assistanceships and teaching assistanceships as a grad student, which come with a Free Ticket to Classes, and free school is good.

I’m feeling a bit low. :/

4 thoughts on “oh, you wanted to know?

  1. do you remember anne freitag (the one who made erica’s wedding dress, and did lots of costumes at 3 barons)? she went to mills college…..

  2. You should go to UAA and get a Master’s. Cheap, convenient, local and possessing a schedule that will let you keep working are MAJOR advantages. You can always go get a Ph.D. somewhere fun after you’ve had a while to make some money and figure out if you want one. Hey, it worked for me. :)

  3. Except there’s no such thing as a PhD in creative writing. An MFA is the terminal degree in the field. :P

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