ok, smug me

Ok, smug me. I have finished the rough draft for the Chance script; what I finally did was start with page 22 and work my way backwards, filling in what I needed to have in there between pages 9 and 22. It worked. Go *me*. Now I have to write the actual /script/ from that, but I have the guts of the thing in my hands now. Yay! The rest should be comparatively easy.

I *also* called Grandma, who sounds wonderful. She asked about my book and about Ted and about the house and we had a nice ten minute talk before I told her she had to go walk with Aunt Mable so that she could get her balance and so they’d let her out from the PT hospital next Tuesday. :) I must call her again on Monday. :)

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  1. Litho

    Hey! I’ve been looking for your email, but can’t find it. I assume you check these things every now and then…

    Anywway, I’m litho – apparently some sort of artist. I’m interested in the epic project “Chance” I’ve read the first 3 pages that are linked to on this site, and I like the way you’ve written it. – very easy to convert to art, you have good vision and the action appears well directed.

    Gimme a Buzz if you’d like to see some of my art or the first 4 pages of my comic (they should be up and online in about 2 days… maybe even by the end of today… If I get my finger aout and finish updating my site.)



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