OMG. Teh sexay.

I got the re-drawn page one for Chance from Ardian today.

At the moment I’m feeling quite cheerfully confident that Image Comics will be making a terrible, terrible mistake if they turn me/us down. I’m also feeling confident that if they don’t pick it up and produce it, *someone* will, or I will find *some* way to make it work, because I’m having too much fun to stop. :) I’ll deal with trying to figure out who and what and how later, if Image says no.

Next up: get me an inker.

(a few minutes later): posted for an inker. zum zum zum. And I have an extremely talented and quite wonderful graphic designer friend (who wanted to go uncredited, so I won’t say her name here) that I’ve roped into doing a logo.

I’m going to have a _comic book_ here pretty soon!

7 thoughts on “OMG. Teh sexay.

  1. Looks like I’ll have to start saving for when you’re GoH at ComicCon. :)

  2. Yeah. That was, as far as I was concerned, the money shot on hiring an artist. Out of the people who did pages for me, the two women and this guy went for teh sexay on that shot, and that was *really* what I was after. That combined with the sheer beauty of his art style was just irresistable.

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