on the way to bed

Well, I did at least some of my homework for class. I need to go by Title Wave and get a book of nudes, or something, so I have photos to work from for the full-body sketches. No writing so far tonight, and I suspect bed instead of writing. Well, I’ll do a little bit, at least, so I’m not a total slacker.

Went to the gym tonight, or to the pool, anyway. Guy in the lane with me was having a discussion with the guy in the next lane over about how many lengths of the pool is a mile, 35 or 36. (It’s 36.) That’s 18 laps, 1800 yards. Which is 200 yards short of my minimum workout, about 1200 yards short of what I average, and 2200 yards short of my intended (if not yet reached) daily goal.

It occurred to me that perhaps I have higher expectations of myself than most people do of themselves.

‘k. Gonna take the dog for a walk and do a wee bit of writing and go to bed. Tud.

swam: 3300 yards

ate: oatmeal, brownie, tuna sandwich, glass of milk, 2 brownies, small glass of milk, 1.25 chicken quesadillas, 1/2 root beer, 2 brownies & a small glass of milk

(gosh. anybody else see where i could cut out some calories easily?)

5 thoughts on “on the way to bed

  1. Ack! I got an asthma attack just *thinking* about all those laps. Kit is just too cool!

  2. You gotta cut down on that oatmeal. Pure carbs, I’m telling you, even if it is an expression of your cultural identity.

  3. I see nothing that is not NEEDED for a nutritious daily meal! ;o)

    As far as the high expectations… call it the ‘Clan Way’. I just got (constructive criticism?!) completely torn apart by managerial people at work because I am that way with my job.

    Personally, I prefer to hope its a good thing. heehee

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