on the way to bed

Well, I did at least some of my homework for class. I need to go by Title Wave and get a book of nudes, or something, so I have photos to work from for the full-body sketches. No writing so far tonight, and I suspect bed instead of writing. Well, I’ll do a little bit, at least, so I’m not a total slacker.

Went to the gym tonight, or to the pool, anyway. Guy in the lane with me was having a discussion with the guy in the next lane over about how many lengths of the pool is a mile, 35 or 36. (It’s 36.) That’s 18 laps, 1800 yards. Which is 200 yards short of my minimum workout, about 1200 yards short of what I average, and 2200 yards short of my intended (if not yet reached) daily goal.

It occurred to me that perhaps I have higher expectations of myself than most people do of themselves.

‘k. Gonna take the dog for a walk and do a wee bit of writing and go to bed. Tud.

swam: 3300 yards

ate: oatmeal, brownie, tuna sandwich, glass of milk, 2 brownies, small glass of milk, 1.25 chicken quesadillas, 1/2 root beer, 2 brownies & a small glass of milk

(gosh. anybody else see where i could cut out some calories easily?)


  • Trip

    You gotta cut down on that oatmeal. Pure carbs, I’m telling you, even if it is an expression of your cultural identity.

  • Cuzin Kerry

    I see nothing that is not NEEDED for a nutritious daily meal! ;o)

    As far as the high expectations… call it the ‘Clan Way’. I just got (constructive criticism?!) completely torn apart by managerial people at work because I am that way with my job.

    Personally, I prefer to hope its a good thing. heehee

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