My editor at Del Rey sent a couple copies of THE QUEEN’S BASTARD ahead of the contracted author copies so that I could see them soonest. Oh my god. This is a beautiful, beautiful, *beautiful* book. Ted, in awe, said, “This is *hot*,” and it *is*. I cannot *wait* for this to go on the shelves so people can get it, because oh my GOD it’s gorgeous. I ran around the house shrieking and doing the beauty queen thing and being all tearful. It’s *so* pretty.

And it’s the mark of a couple pretty freaking significant landmark for me. First, it’s my first non-Harlequin book. Second, it’s my TENTH FREAKING NOVEL! ZOH. MY. GOD.

And third, I now have one million words in print.

Not too damned bad for somebody whose first book came out in June 2005, eh?

*beams like a frakking fool*


  • Yolanda

    Congratulations, that’s quite a lovely bunch of books you have there. And you know what? I’m only missing 3 of them. And COYOTE DREAMS will be released here in Australia next month, so I’ll be getting it then. :)

    Once again, CONGRATS! You’re doing awesome and I can’t wait to see the book for myself.

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