It has not been a good morning here at the Murphy-Lee household. Ted got a job! Yay! But the alarm didn’t go off this morning and he woke up 3 minutes before he was supposed to be there (given that this was at 4:57am, it’s amazing he woke up at all). So he went tearing off and I fell back asleep and woke up 4 minutes before *I* was supposed to be at work. So I am not showered and I’m staring blearily at the screen and not doing a very good job typing, and I just stretched and gronked my neck in some unpleasant fashion. :P I wonder if Dr. Woody is still here. :P

I read somebody’s posting on a mailing list about an author who gets to the proofing stage of her books and goes and locks herself in a hotel room for a weekend so nothing can bother her. In fact, some of my chaptermates in the RWA have done this, too, and I’m thinking, wow, that might be a brilliant idea for the weekend. It’s not that my family gets in my way when I’m trying to write (because I have the best husband and roommate in the world), but this editing thing is taking a different mindset, and I need to spread papers over things and be much more in the way, and… going to a hotel where I could do that with impunity and where I’d have no other distractions sounds like it might be a *really* good idea. o.o!

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  1. Well, at least he woke up before being EGREGIOUSLY late….What did he get a job doing?

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