Ooh! I now have my business cards ordered for On Your Left! Dad came by with a rendering of the card; he’d been over at the printer’s and the printer guy said, “Oh! Hey, you can bring this over to your daughter,” and so Dad did. And Dad liked the design a whole lot, and said so several times when he brought the rendering over to me. He said, “You should enter it in the contest!”

And I said, “What contest?”

And he said, “I don’t know, but there’s *got* to be a contest.” Which made me laugh and laugh and laugh.

3 thoughts on “ooh!

  1. I’ve gone through a bazillion business cards (and have collected them) and that is a Great Card.

    And… have you considered seeing a massage therapist for your back?

  2. *beam* Thanks, Tracie. Hm. Maybe I could make a business of designing business cards. :)

    I have, in fact. The woman who gave me a massage in Talkeetna comes into Anchorage monthly (or something like that) and I emailed her to set up an appointment when she’s here. :)

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