Oop. I had a little bookstore accident. But it hardly counts at all, ’cause it was at Title Wave, where we have credit! Somewhat less credit now than we had an hour ago, I admit…

I have: Murder on Astor Place, a murder mystery by Victoria Thompson, and Never After, a cute-looking fantasy novel by Rebecca Lickiss. What a name. That wasn’t so much the accident part.

The accident part more comes in the form of the five trade paperbacks I bought: Tigana, ’cause I can’t find it in hardbound, Black Swan, White Raven, edited by Datlow and Windling, ’cause I’m on a fairy tale kick right now, White as Snow by Tanith Lee for the same reason, and um then I saw The Wall of the Sky, The Wall of the Eye which is by Jonathan Lethem who wrote Gun, with Occasional Music, and then I completely and *totally* randomly picked up The Gift by Patrick O’Leary. I note, defensively, that it’s got a Thomas Canty cover.

I’m sure the fact that three of the five TPBs are Tor books is pure coincidence.

I’m going to stop writing, the last week of December, and *read*. I haven’t read much of anything the last few months, and that’s *awful*. So that’s my plan. Hmph!

6 thoughts on “oop.

  1. Hm. Let me know what you think of Never After? I was somewhat underwhelmed by Eccentric Circles, but perhaps that was because of the circumstances. It began with the funeral of the main character’s grandmother (no spoiler, that’s where it starts)…and I started reading this while flying home for my own grandmother’s funeral.

    But I do love retold fairy tales, and might give the new book a try. Though I want your opinion first!

  2. I’ve been, um. Not reading. Mostly goofing around on the computer. Which is kind of like aliens taking over me…

  3. White as Snow has always been one of my favorite book of faerie tales. ;) I believe Tanith Lee’s Silver Metal Lover is based on the Beauty and the Beast tale. I love her adaptation of Goldilocks ;)

  4. Is it? I haven’t read much Tanith Lee. Maybe I’ll have to look for Silver Metal Lover. :)

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