Oop. I had a little bookstore accident. But it hardly counts at all, ’cause it was at Title Wave, where we have credit! Somewhat less credit now than we had an hour ago, I admit…

I have: Murder on Astor Place, a murder mystery by Victoria Thompson, and Never After, a cute-looking fantasy novel by Rebecca Lickiss. What a name. That wasn’t so much the accident part.

The accident part more comes in the form of the five trade paperbacks I bought: Tigana, ’cause I can’t find it in hardbound, Black Swan, White Raven, edited by Datlow and Windling, ’cause I’m on a fairy tale kick right now, White as Snow by Tanith Lee for the same reason, and um then I saw The Wall of the Sky, The Wall of the Eye which is by Jonathan Lethem who wrote Gun, with Occasional Music, and then I completely and *totally* randomly picked up The Gift by Patrick O’Leary. I note, defensively, that it’s got a Thomas Canty cover.

I’m sure the fact that three of the five TPBs are Tor books is pure coincidence.

I’m going to stop writing, the last week of December, and *read*. I haven’t read much of anything the last few months, and that’s *awful*. So that’s my plan. Hmph!


  • Angie

    Hm. Let me know what you think of Never After? I was somewhat underwhelmed by Eccentric Circles, but perhaps that was because of the circumstances. It began with the funeral of the main character’s grandmother (no spoiler, that’s where it starts)…and I started reading this while flying home for my own grandmother’s funeral.

    But I do love retold fairy tales, and might give the new book a try. Though I want your opinion first!

  • kit

    I’ve been, um. Not reading. Mostly goofing around on the computer. Which is kind of like aliens taking over me…

  • Tracie

    White as Snow has always been one of my favorite book of faerie tales. ;) I believe Tanith Lee’s Silver Metal Lover is based on the Beauty and the Beast tale. I love her adaptation of Goldilocks ;)

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